1. Pets: Members may bring family pets, providing such pets, providing such pets are the usual household variety such as dogs, cats, and birds. Pets shall be kept on a leash not more than ten feet long and must be attended at all times. Consideration of fellow campers dictates that members clean up after their pets. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY RECREATIONAL FACILITIES, BUILDINGS, SUN DECK OR POOL AREA. Management reserves the right to request any menbers to remove unruly, loud and misbehaving animals. You are requested to observe the privacy of others and are requested to restrain your pet from being a nuisance to your neighbors.

2. Employees: Club Employees are not subject to individual discretion or control of members. Employee's duties and responsibilities are posted in the club and its duty authorized agents only.

3. Minors: under no circumstances will minors be served or allowed to consume liquor on any part of the club's property

4. Club Equipment: Must be checked out with a member's card or cash deposit. Members will be responsible if the equipment is damaged. Equipment is to be used at the appropriate designated area and returned to the space provided for its storage immediately upon completion of its use. Recreational equipment is not to be taken to campsites under any circumstances.

5. Conduct: Members, their families and their guests shall conduct themselves in a respectful manner within the park. Loud voice conduct, rowdiness, drunkenness or use of narcotics will not be permitted anywhere in the park. Games or sports which may be calculated to bring the club into disrepute or interrupt the harmony of the community will not be permitted. In the event members or guest are guilty or breaking the rules of conduct, it will be the duty of the authorized club agents to require that violators of the club rules leave the premises immediately.

6. Children: Members will at all times be fully responsible for the conduct of their children on the park's premises. Parents are, therefore, responsible for any vandalism, including, but not limited, damage to club operating system s such as water or sewer systems. Do not let them throw rocks anywhere.

7. Speed Limit: On all roads in the park, speed limit should not exceed 10 miles per hour or as posted. Please Drive carefully and watch for children playing. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

8. Liability: Any member if their guest who willfully or negligently defaces, injuries or destroys property of the club shall be held liable for the full value thereof. It is the member's duty to report any vandalism